Salted Caramel Apple Pie
If you are looking for a spin on your Classic Apple Pie, look no further than this Salted Caramel Apple Pie. It takes all the sticky, sweet, and salty goodness of a caramel apple and tucks it into a cinnamon...
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Cherry Honey Pie
Cherries when paired with almond extract, hit all the flavor notes french chefs wax on about in beautiful essays about their favorite food combinations. They are a perfect marriage of flavor. This pie is definitely tart, but the honey and...
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Blackberry Apple Pie with a Fresh Thyme Crust
Apple Blackberry Pie with a fresh Thyme crust gives you a sweet pie with a savory touch. We like adding herbs, as they add a special something to the pie. With the tartness of these Marion blackberries, the sweetness of...
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6 Whiskey Peach Hand Pies
We decided make some little sweet treats for Pi Day/St.Patrick’s Day! These little pies are filled with a compote made with our stash of fall peaches and good old Irish Whiskey! We then drizzled with vanilla icing and prettied up...
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6 Apple Hand Pies
Apple pie is classic and these hand pies are certainly a classic dessert! Sweet apples cooked down with cinnamon and vanilla and wrapped in our signature crust! A grown-up pop tart!  6 Hand Pies Ingredients: Apples, flour, butter, sugar, vegetable shortening,...
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Pineapple Coconut Streusel Pie
Imagine a Pina colada in pie form! We made a luscious pineapple compote with a hint of rum and lots of brown sugar then topped it with our coconut streusel topping. This is a gourmet version of a pineapple snack pie....
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6 Raspberry Hand Pies
These little pies are filled with a compote made with delicious raspberries! We then drizzled with icing made with freeze dried raspberries and prettied up with  Sprinkles!  Each order contains 1/2 a dozen hand pies.  Ingredients: raspberries, flour, butter, sugar, powdered...
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