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Charoset Passover Pie

We were stumped as to how to create a pie for Passover. There are specific rules to follow and traditional flavors to celebrate. After some trial and error, we cracked it! Our Charoset Passover Pie mirrors all the sweet, warm flavors of one of our favorite Seder dishes, charoset. The apples are poached until tender in concord grape juice laced with cinnamon, ginger, and sugar, then placed in a matzah meal and walnut crust and topped with a brown sugar and walnut crumble. You have the apple, walnut, Manischewitz, matzah combo all in one delicious bite. Bring this pie to any Seder and you will end what is already a wonderful meal with a special dessert.

*These pies will all ship April 15/16 in time for Passover. Please pre-order by April 13.

*Our kitchen is not certified Kosher but these pies are made in accordance to Passover restrictions.

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