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Salted Caramel Apple Pie
If you are looking for a spin on your Classic Apple Pie, look no further than this Salted Caramel Apple Pie. It takes all the sticky, sweet, and salty goodness of a caramel apple and tucks it into a cinnamon...
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Blackberry Pie with a Fresh Thyme Crust
Blackberry Pies have become a favorite, for both their sweet tart taste and their vibrant purple hue! The berries are juicy and sweet and pair perfectly with fresh thyme! Herbs and berries are an unexpected and delicious combination bringing in...
Cherry Bourbon Crumb Pie
Cherry Bourbon Crumb Pie Sweet, tart with a little crunch equals heaven. The tart cherries are paired with Bourbon and a topping made with lots of oats, sugar and butter. Bourbon and cherries are a classic combination. They remind us...
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Pink Apple and Walnut Frangipane Galette
This Lucy Glo Apple and Walnut Frangipane Galette is truly something special. The pop of pink makes us swoon and marvel at the wonders of nature. We take these beautiful pink apples, and layer them like a rose over a...
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Cran Peary Pecan Crumble
For the Holidays, you can’t get a more seasonal pie! Sweet pears, tart cranberries, a hint of orange and vanilla and a toasty topping of oats and pecans. A pie fit for any holiday meal!  Pie comes in a 10...
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Sunflowers for Ukraine- Salted Caramel Apple Pie
We are making sun flowers to send our support to all the people of Ukraine. We are horrified by what has transpired and are doing what we can. A portion of all profits from this pie will go to The...
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Flower Salted Caramel Apple Pie
We were so inspired making the sunflowers for Ukraine, we decided to make a new special edition for the most special people in our lives… Moms!!! They do it all, all the time and love like no other. We love...
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